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tool cabinet Tool cribs are storage bins, cabinets, or cages that are used to store and dispense tools at home or in industrial and job-site settings.

If you are a person who makes your living with tools, or even if you are a hobbyist who owns lots of tools, a tool crib is a worthwhile investment.

A tool crib allows you to store tools in a neat and organized way.  Keeping your tools organized means that there are less chances for stolen and misplaced tools to cause downtime and lost revenue.

Most tool cribs are space efficient, and allow you to store equipment and tools of any size and shape.  In most cases they can be configured with drawers, racks, shadow boards, and shelves that meet the specific needs of the user.  A good tool crib can be easily reconfigured as the shapes and sizes of your tools change.

Tool cribs usually have much more capacity than general storage, and are usually built to be stable in a wide variety of situations, regardless of the weight of the tools and equipment.  Having tools stored in one place increases efficiency and makes them more accessible.

Tool cribs are usually designed to prevent theft, and feature locking systems.  Some higher end tool cribs include keypad entry systems and remote access control.  Other, simpler tool cribs feature a standard lock and key.

Whether you make your living with tools or use them for a hobby, a tool crib will make storing and accessing your tools much more convenient.

Browse the listings below to find a sampling of available tool crib products as well as tool crib management software, automated tool dispensing systems, and sources for power tools and tool boxes.

industrial tool crib
Industrial Tool Crib

Tool Crib Suppliers

  • Acme Wire and Iron Works
    Designs and manufactures wire mesh tool cribs for secure storage of tools and parts.
  • Dixie Tool Crib
    Serves the industrial needs of manufacturers in Central and South Texas.  Features machinery, tooling, and production supplies.
  • Lista
    Offers pre-assembled modular tool crib cabinets that are designed to store drills, taps, reamers, fasteners, hand tools, and cutting tools.
  • Snap-on
    Features a good selection of tool storage units and tool boxes for mechanics and tradesmen.
  • Sears
    This nationwide retailer is known for its quality power tools, hand tools, and tool cabinets.

Tool Crib Management

  • AutoCrib
    Developer and marketer of tool crib software and dispensing systems for tools, safety products and MRO supplies.
  • CribMaster
    Tool crib solutions that are designed to automate tooling management tasks in a manufacturing workplace.

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