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wood crib for baby Cribs are protective enclosures that are used for babies, farm animals (as in a nativity scene), corn, or even tools!  Although the primary focus of this site is traditional baby nursery cribs, we also provide information about other crib types as well.

A baby crib is the focal point of a baby nursery, and it should co-ordinate with the other nursery furniture and baby accessories.  Some crib manufacturers offer matching nursery sets that may include a crib as well as a dresser, changing table, night stand, glider rocker, and even a toy chest.  Be sure to plan your baby's room layout for efficiency and measure sizes carefully before ordering nursery furniture!  If you buy a used crib from any source, make sure it conforms to modern safety rules.  It should be free from lead paint, and the space between the slats should be narrow enough that a baby's head can't fit through.  Cribs should not have finials or other decorative or pointy objects on their corners.  These can strangle a baby when clothing gets caught on them.

When a baby is very young, the size of a crib may seem a bit overwhelming, so some parents opt to use a bassinet, cradle or small portable crib for their newborn babe, until he or she outgrows it.  Babies will also outgrow their cribs at some point, and convertible cribs are available which, converted into toddler beds, can last through the preschool years.  Here on, you will find crib and baby bedding shops as well as crib safety resources.  For a more extensive selection of baby nursery products, including online shopping and a crib manufacturer directory, please visit the baby cribs website.

wooden crib for corn While the concept of a crib is the same whether it is holding a baby, corn, or tools, the design is different.  For example, it would be rare for a farmer to consider whether his corn crib matches his other furniture!  Instead, construction, durability, and size are often the main foci when choosing cribs to be used on the farm.  Cribs that hold animals must be large enough, and they also must be durable and safe.  While farm animal and corn cribs come in a wide variety of materials, cribs that are metal (or metal coated in polymer) are popular and stand the test of time.

Tool cribs are popular with contractors as well as the do-it-yourself home handyman, because they provide a safe and easy to organize way to store expensive tools.  Tool cribs mean fewer broken and misplaced tools, which is important to anyone who thinks that time and money are important considerations.  Tool cribs come in a variety of different sizes and are generally very space efficient — an important factor for anyone who has lots of tools.  In most cases, tool cribs can be configured to best fit your space.

Baby Crib Safety

  • Crib Safety Tips
    Learn how to check your crib and use it safely.  Published by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.
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Baby Peering Through Crib Slats
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Baby Sleeping in Crib
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